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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring 2017 Update

This spring has been very busy with completing projects and general maintenance of the facility through heavy rains and generally cool weather. Below is a quick recap of a few projects that are wrapping up or have already been completed.

Future cart path site was stripped of sod

Cart path area was excavated 

Grade stakes with set and string line was put up for cart path edges

Crushed concrete based was compacted to a depth of 4" to make a solid surface for the concrete. Fabric lining was also used under the crushed concrete for stability in areas that could hold more moisture in the future

Forms and base completed

All work was done by in-house staff. 30 yards of concrete were poured and finished over 2 days

Grade surrounding thew new path was excavated and worked to match the cart path. Sod was laid as the final touch.

Railroad ties placed in bunker faces for aesthetics during a previous renovation were removed after committee recommendation and board approval. The  faces of the bunkers were reshaped and new edges established. burlap bags full of soil were used to make the new bunker face edge as seen here in the photo

All bunker faces were sodded following railroad tie removal

Drainage that had failed was dug up on select bunkers on the West course and repaired. 

Fertilizer storage at the maintenance facility was updated for cleanliness, safety, more room, and ease of inventory. This photo illustrates how fertilizer pallets were previously stored.

Updated shelving for fertilizer storage

Another lightning shelter base was re-leveled. Previously the bricks were very uneven and needed repair.

Solid tine aerication was completed for all 31 greens within a two day window