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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Renovation Update 12/18/14

As weather permits, work is continuing on the South course with sand removal from the fairway bunkers that are not being completely rebuilt.  These bunkers are keeping the same shape with the only change being the installation of our matrix liner as well as new sand.

Sand removal from the right side fairway bunker on 1 South

Original bunker edges are found. Some edges are 10" back!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Renovation Update: Friday. December 5th

#3 South is almost complete.  In the spring the finish grade will be done on the top soil, sod will be laid, and bunkers will be completed. Below are some aerial photos of how #3 currently looks.  What can't be seen in the photos are the fairway expansion areas around the green and between the pot bunkers. In the spring we will post updated pictures with these areas sodded.  

Four pot bunkers now protect the green. New 600 sq. ft. green expansion (light colored soil) can be seen in the back of the green which will provide three new pin placements!

View of 3 South from the right side of the green

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Renovation Update: Thursday, December 4th

Sodding in December!
Believe it or not the recent weather has been nice enough for construction to continue for a short period of time on the South course. Over the last two days we were able to finish shaping the new approach that will connect to 6 South green as well as finish all rough bluegrass sodding around the pond by 6 Green.  In total, we laid 18 pallets of sod in December!  Always a bonus to be able to tackle sod work this late in the year in Michigan.  Due to the fact that we were able to accomplish this when we did it has allowed us an even bigger cushion for completing the remaining renovation work in the spring.  When spring comes, we will be finishing laying sod on 3 South, installing bunker liner and sand in all South course bunkers, and last but not least completing holes 4 and 5.

Aerial Photography
With the recent purchase of a DJI Phantom Vision drone, we now have the capability of taking our own in-house aerial footage of the golf course.  This is especially nice when undergoing construction to help document the great changes.  Below are some examples of the photos recently taken. Enjoy!

1 South: Construction completed in August, 2014

NEW! 2 South on 12/4/14: Matrix bunker liner and sand will be installed in spring of 2015

NEW! Fairway bunker on 2 South. This bunker moved 10 yards closer to the green and turned into the fairway to be more visual.  The fairway expansions in front of and behind the bunker add landing area for the higher handicap player while providing a risk/reward for the low handicapper who wants to take on the bunker!

100 yards from the green on 2 South. The new bunkers are extremely visual and dramatic!

A view from behind the left bunker (+/- 35yds from green).  The new fairway expansion between the bunker and the green adds interest and options as you play the hole. Drain lines can currently be seen in the bunkers until the Matrix liner and sand are installed in the spring of 2015.

2 South: View from the right side of the new fairway expansion.

A view of the clubhouse and 8 South from 175 feet in the air!