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Friday, September 27, 2013

4 West Approach

4 West Approach painted out by Golf Course Architect Brian Huntley

Removing sod  in preparation for laying bentgrass sod obtained from the old rounded tee surfaces that are now square

Bentgrass sod starting to go down

Approach is complete! Sand is applied to the surface very heavily at this stage to fill in the sod seems, level the surface, and protect the plant.  It is important to stay off the newly laid sod until full rooting has been achieved. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Benefits of Fairway Aerification Done In-House

Top and Middle Picture: Walk-behind aerification equipment
combined with tractor mounted aerifier gets the job done fast
Bottom Picture: Pull behind drag mats are used to break the soil away from the thatch.  Soil drops back into the holes while the spongy thatch stays on top of the fairway which is then removed.

This week we began our in-house fairway aerification process. For many years this process had been contracted out to a company who had the equipment necessary for such a big job.  Although this sounds good to have somebody else do the aerification, there are many negatives to it.  With our recent upgrade to our equipment, we obtained the equipment necessary to handle the fairway aerification process in-house with our own staff!

The benefits of this include:
1. Approx. $12,000 annual savings (based on not contracting this job out)...$24,000 annual savings if we aerify twice.
2. Flexible timing and schedule (not having to schedule around the company and the other 100 golf courses they aerify each year)
3. A better quality job done by the staff in house as attention to detail is much higher.
4. Closer spacing of holes that removes more unwanted thatch material without an increase in cost. (Contracted companies charge more for closer hole spacing due to labor time and wear on their machines)
5.  Overall quicker completion with rotating staff shifts that keep the aerification program running dawn till dusk.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Nothing better than the tradition of a great event...Welcome to the 2013 Brassie Member Guest!