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Friday, October 24, 2014

Renovation Update 10/24/14

The past week had its up's and down's with some bad weather days hindering large progress early in the week but we continued to work hard in areas that we could.  Irrigation installation began on 2 South and it's about half way done. By early next week, the irrigation on 2 South will be complete. Shaping of the new bunkers and fairway contours on 2 South is closing in on completion as well and looking sharp.  If weather holds out, sod will begin to be laid early next week.

While coordinating between bad weather days and the architects schedule, we have also started working on 3 South.  Topsoil was stripped from the work area and soil moving/shaping started. By the end of next week #3 should be completely shaped and irrigated.  Below you will see a few pictures of the renovation work in progress.  Enjoy your weekend, and GO GREEN!  Unless you're a Wolverine fan....then GO BLUE!  

Irrigation heads are measured for perfect spacing and flagged for installation

New valves are connected to the main line to run lateral lines to 2 and 3 South

New 3" mainline connected and run to 2 South fairway

Soil moved around to begin forming the new fairway bunker on 2 South

Brand new pro tee on 2 South built by in-house staff using the new mini excavator purchased with capital. This tee adds 15 yards to the hole!

New bunker shaped on the left side of 2 South 35 yards from the green
Topsoil being redistributed around areas of 2 South where shaping is complete

Gary from 1st Class Golf dozing into the clay to shape the right side of 2 South

Friday, October 17, 2014

Renovation Update: 10/17/14

Renovation has now started on 2 South and it's going very well so far. In the last two days, we have rototilled the topsoil in the work area and it's currently being stripped off using the bulldozer so general shaping can begin. We have also dug out the old sand traps which can now be renovated. When everything is finished being shaped, the topsoil will be feathered back across the surface to allow for growing healthy turf.  The ten day forecast looks good so we have high expectations for what we can get done in the next week and a half. Stay tuned for updates and enjoy your weekend!

Work areas are rototilled multiple times to break up dead grass clumps and save topsoil 

Old bunkers being dug out

Topsoil is stripped and saved for later

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The South course will be closing Thursday, October 16th for the remainder of 2014 to allow for the renovation of holes 2-6. Please check back frequently for updates on construction progress.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Project

This weekend we began installing stone curbing by the proshop to reduce wear areas in the grass from cart traffic while also adding sharp definition. After the concrete is complete, soil will be added behind the blocks and new sod will be laid.


WCCC employee Brandt Blair finishing the concrete around the blocks

Curbing almost complete - Soil back filling and new sod being installed soon