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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bridge Repair

Course maintenance in July generally includes watering turf, fertilizing, mowing, and other routine items. Repairing a bridge was not planned, and certainly not ideal, but due to our staff size and talented individuals working at WCCC, we were able to handle this project in-house.  The culvert pipes under the bridge suffered years of abuse from storm water passing through them. Three concrete drain culverts are connected together underneath the surface to move the water, but one came disconnected causing the cart path to begin sinking around it. Using our mini-x, our staff dug out the old cart path, removed the soil from around the disconnected culvert, re-packed new stone around it for stability, and completed a new bridge installation. Below are a few pictures from the process.

Cart path sinking around disconnected culvert

Space can be seen here where the connection should be tight

Repaired culvert

Stone was compacted all around the pipe for stability

New "bridge" was framed and leveled with sand

Wire mesh installed for strength and concrete being poured

Concrete finished and rebar set for block installation

Block being installed on both sides

Stone veneer was custom fit piece by piece 
Thin veneer being applied to the sides

Cap pieces added as the final touch

New path poured to align properly to the new bridge