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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Renovation Update 12/18/14

As weather permits, work is continuing on the South course with sand removal from the fairway bunkers that are not being completely rebuilt.  These bunkers are keeping the same shape with the only change being the installation of our matrix liner as well as new sand.

Sand removal from the right side fairway bunker on 1 South

Original bunker edges are found. Some edges are 10" back!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Renovation Update: Friday. December 5th

#3 South is almost complete.  In the spring the finish grade will be done on the top soil, sod will be laid, and bunkers will be completed. Below are some aerial photos of how #3 currently looks.  What can't be seen in the photos are the fairway expansion areas around the green and between the pot bunkers. In the spring we will post updated pictures with these areas sodded.  

Four pot bunkers now protect the green. New 600 sq. ft. green expansion (light colored soil) can be seen in the back of the green which will provide three new pin placements!

View of 3 South from the right side of the green

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Renovation Update: Thursday, December 4th

Sodding in December!
Believe it or not the recent weather has been nice enough for construction to continue for a short period of time on the South course. Over the last two days we were able to finish shaping the new approach that will connect to 6 South green as well as finish all rough bluegrass sodding around the pond by 6 Green.  In total, we laid 18 pallets of sod in December!  Always a bonus to be able to tackle sod work this late in the year in Michigan.  Due to the fact that we were able to accomplish this when we did it has allowed us an even bigger cushion for completing the remaining renovation work in the spring.  When spring comes, we will be finishing laying sod on 3 South, installing bunker liner and sand in all South course bunkers, and last but not least completing holes 4 and 5.

Aerial Photography
With the recent purchase of a DJI Phantom Vision drone, we now have the capability of taking our own in-house aerial footage of the golf course.  This is especially nice when undergoing construction to help document the great changes.  Below are some examples of the photos recently taken. Enjoy!

1 South: Construction completed in August, 2014

NEW! 2 South on 12/4/14: Matrix bunker liner and sand will be installed in spring of 2015

NEW! Fairway bunker on 2 South. This bunker moved 10 yards closer to the green and turned into the fairway to be more visual.  The fairway expansions in front of and behind the bunker add landing area for the higher handicap player while providing a risk/reward for the low handicapper who wants to take on the bunker!

100 yards from the green on 2 South. The new bunkers are extremely visual and dramatic!

A view from behind the left bunker (+/- 35yds from green).  The new fairway expansion between the bunker and the green adds interest and options as you play the hole. Drain lines can currently be seen in the bunkers until the Matrix liner and sand are installed in the spring of 2015.

2 South: View from the right side of the new fairway expansion.

A view of the clubhouse and 8 South from 175 feet in the air! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Education:  High school diploma or equivalent.  Turf equipment manufacturer training / Lake City Graduate.  Auto mechanics will be considered.  Please list if you have specific golf course equipment training.

Position Description:   The Equipment Manager will be responsible for maintaining all golf course equipment (i.e. mowers, tractors, utility vehicles, trucks, rollers, sweepers, etc) and reports directly to the Superintendent.  Must have knowledge of diesel, electric, and gasoline engine repair.  NOT responsible for member used golf carts.  Responsible for keeping detailed records for all repairs and for performing the repair within the budget where possible; Responsible for keeping up with preventative maintenance and corresponding records for all golf course equipment;  Responsible for holding employees accountable for equipment cleanliness and use (i.e. tracking damage or improper cleaning and reporting to the superintendent);  Responsible for maintaining an organized and clean maintenance shop daily both for safety and aesthetics;  Responsible for checking all reel mowers daily for adjusting needs/grinding and communicate needs with the superintendent;  Responsible for all ordering of replacement parts;  Equipment Manager responsible for supplying his/her own tools. Mechanic should be able to work in various weather conditions while repairing equipment. Must have the ability to effectively diagnose mechanical and electrical problems with equipment and perform the repair. Must have a valid drivers license.

Professional Enhancement:  Walnut Creek Country Club is located in southeast Michigan which is surrounded by many other great facilities and offers great networking potential. Opportunities will be given for technical and educational training.

Club History:  Walnut Creek Country Club originated as Farmington Country Club in 1955 at Haggerty and Twelve Mile Roads.  Farmington Country Club hosted the Michigan PGA championship in 1961 and the Michigan Open in 1961 and 1962.  In 1982, members voted to change the name of the Club to Farmington Hills Country Club.  In 1987, the club purchased a 27 hole course named Godwin Glen and sold the original property of Farmington Hills Country Club off in parcels.  Later that year the club changed its name to Walnut Creek Country Club, again by a vote of the membership.  Walnut Creek Country Club retained world-renowned golf course architect, Arthur Hills, to design and renovate the existing course.  In 1995, Walnut Creek Country Club became an official Arthur Hills signature course.  In 2007 the club worked with Paul Albanese to enhance the West nine.  In 2010, WCCC built a large bentgrass short-game practice area including 2 chipping greens, practice bunkers, and a putting green.  In 2012 Walnut Creek Country Club redesigned and grew in holes 8 and 9 south using T1 bent for greens and Princeville bent for fairways and tees. Part of this renovation also included brand new decoder Toro irrigation.  Walnut Creek Country Club is constantly improving its facilities offering unique experiences to all those involved.

Experience requirements:   Candidate should have 3 years or more of experience as a mechanic.  Golf course mechanical experience a plus.  The candidate should be willing to exceed member expectations with regard to service and commitment on a daily basis.  Member of the IGCEMA and/or GCSAA a plus 

Benefits Include:  D.O.E .  401K per company policy; Uniforms provided; Dues paid to local and national equipment managers associations; Meals; golf.  Vacation and personal days per club policy.

Position Available:  Resumes WITH REFERENCES are currently being collected and reviewed.  Position is available: March 15, 2015.

Contact:  Candidates should send resumes to Scott Rettmann, Greens Superintendent at   

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Renovation Update: Thursday, November 13, 2014

The winter weather is finally upon us and renovation work is slowing down.  Since the last post, we have completed laying sod on 2 South and the irrigation is work is done on both 2 and 3 South. Also completed was the pond bank restoration on 6 South as well as fairway grade shaping by the green on 6.  #3 South is rough shaped and we anticipate completing the final shaping by the end of next week.  At this time we're unsure of the ability to lay sod next week on #3 as sod farms are beginning to shut down for the year with the recent freezing temperatures and light snow.  In the spring we will be completing holes 4 and 5 South as well as finishing all South course bunkers with Matrix bunker liner and new sand.  Below are photos of the updated project work from the last two weeks. Enjoy-

Ledgestone blocks (2,000 lb's each!) being unloaded using the Mini-X

Ledgestone wall in front of 6 South green installed in-house with our mini-x and staff

Bentgrass sod being laid on new fairway expansions on 2 South

Current conditions as of 11/13/14 at 4pm slowing down renovation work for the year

Friday, October 24, 2014

Renovation Update 10/24/14

The past week had its up's and down's with some bad weather days hindering large progress early in the week but we continued to work hard in areas that we could.  Irrigation installation began on 2 South and it's about half way done. By early next week, the irrigation on 2 South will be complete. Shaping of the new bunkers and fairway contours on 2 South is closing in on completion as well and looking sharp.  If weather holds out, sod will begin to be laid early next week.

While coordinating between bad weather days and the architects schedule, we have also started working on 3 South.  Topsoil was stripped from the work area and soil moving/shaping started. By the end of next week #3 should be completely shaped and irrigated.  Below you will see a few pictures of the renovation work in progress.  Enjoy your weekend, and GO GREEN!  Unless you're a Wolverine fan....then GO BLUE!  

Irrigation heads are measured for perfect spacing and flagged for installation

New valves are connected to the main line to run lateral lines to 2 and 3 South

New 3" mainline connected and run to 2 South fairway

Soil moved around to begin forming the new fairway bunker on 2 South

Brand new pro tee on 2 South built by in-house staff using the new mini excavator purchased with capital. This tee adds 15 yards to the hole!

New bunker shaped on the left side of 2 South 35 yards from the green
Topsoil being redistributed around areas of 2 South where shaping is complete

Gary from 1st Class Golf dozing into the clay to shape the right side of 2 South

Friday, October 17, 2014

Renovation Update: 10/17/14

Renovation has now started on 2 South and it's going very well so far. In the last two days, we have rototilled the topsoil in the work area and it's currently being stripped off using the bulldozer so general shaping can begin. We have also dug out the old sand traps which can now be renovated. When everything is finished being shaped, the topsoil will be feathered back across the surface to allow for growing healthy turf.  The ten day forecast looks good so we have high expectations for what we can get done in the next week and a half. Stay tuned for updates and enjoy your weekend!

Work areas are rototilled multiple times to break up dead grass clumps and save topsoil 

Old bunkers being dug out

Topsoil is stripped and saved for later

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The South course will be closing Thursday, October 16th for the remainder of 2014 to allow for the renovation of holes 2-6. Please check back frequently for updates on construction progress.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Project

This weekend we began installing stone curbing by the proshop to reduce wear areas in the grass from cart traffic while also adding sharp definition. After the concrete is complete, soil will be added behind the blocks and new sod will be laid.


WCCC employee Brandt Blair finishing the concrete around the blocks

Curbing almost complete - Soil back filling and new sod being installed soon

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Landscape Bed Maintenance

Our landscape bed maintenance crew is beginning to tackle pruning and is doing a great job. Below is an example of a few pines recently pruned by the putting green.


Friday, September 12, 2014


It's that time of year again....

With the fall weather approaching quickly it's time to think about kids going back to school, picking apples, hay rides, and most importantly aerification and fall golf! Last winter brought extremes like I have never seen which impacted many courses in a negative way.  Due to the harsh winter, we did not aerify greens in the spring while we were re-establishing turf. Next week we will begin aerification of greens and we will finish the following week with fairways and tees.  With a little luck from mother nature with good weather, the course should heal quickly. Enjoy the cooler weather and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bunker Performance

Today brought 1.5" of rain in 3 hours and it was a nice test for the new bunkers we just built and lined with Matrix Mix. While other parts of the golf course, including bunkers not yet renovated, were extremely wet and formed puddles or streams, the new bunkers stayed intact and did not hold any water. This new bunker construction method being used allows for improved playability following heavy rain as well as less maintenance needed to repair them before play. As can be seen, it also reduces risk of contamination from soil or silt running into the bunker from the edges.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Native Area Maintenance

Mowing native fescue areas every fall is important to reduce weed populations, thin the fescue for better playability, and encourage next springs growth.  Yesterday we began mowing our native areas on the North course. Through the remainder of the week we hope to mow the rest of the native across the property.

Renovation Update - Monday, August 8th, 2014

The August renovation project is complete! Below are some before and after photos of the holes that we renovated. Enjoy!

1 North BEFORE

1 North AFTER

1 South BEFORE

1 South AFTER

7 South BEFORE

7 South AFTER

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Perfect Lawn

Helpful tip: If it's a weed-free lawn you're looking for, the next few weeks are the best time of year to treat for broadleaf weeds such as Dandelions. Although companies often treat for them in the spring when they're flowering, it's less likely they'll die. To ensure they don't return next year, now is the best time to apply your broadleaf herbicide.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paving Our Way To Better Bunkers!

With a large pun intended, we are paving our way to better bunkers.  Today, our hard working staff installed a permeable asphalt at a depth of 2.5 inches on our newly constructed bunkers.  In total, the staff hand spread 70 tons of asphalt in one day!  The asphalt liner separates the clay bunker bottom as well as the drain lines full of stone away from the sand, offering a crisp clean bunker to play out of.  In addition to this, the asphalt, being permeable, allows water to drain quickly eliminating total washouts from heavy storms.  These new bunkers will save time and money in future maintenance and will be great to play from. Sand installation will start tomorrow and likely be completed by the end of the weekend.  With additional sod coming this Friday to finish the surrounds on 7 South and 4 North, the project will be complete just in time for next weeks member guest event! Enjoy- 

Preparing the bunker for heavy traffic during asphalt hauling

The loader gets asphalt in small amounts from the main truck

Asphalt is then loaded into hauling vehicles for transport to the bunker

Hard working staff rakes and shovels the asphalt into place and checks often for a depth of 2.5"

The finished product offers a unique look to your bunker before sand installation

The new right-side fairway bunker on 1 North with the new approach in the background

New green side bunker on 7 South ready for sand