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Friday, May 15, 2015

South Course Renovation Update - 5/15/15

Since the last update we've made great progress on our South course renovations. Over the next week we will be finalizing the remaining areas with the intention of being finished by Memorial Day. Matrix bunker liner is currently being installed and will continue all next week until finished. While the liner is being installed, we will be installing sand at the same time. The sand is brand new and is being compacted but it still needs time to settle. Over the next few weeks the sand will settle and firm up allowing better playability. For the current time it will still be on the fluffy side. 

The range tee expansion is moving along well. The tee has been leveled and our staff is currently installing new irrigation. We expect to have the tee top surface seeded early next week with the sides sodded as well. With good weather we hope to have the tee expansion ready for use in mid to late June.

Following the South course renovations being completed we will be concentrating on sodding areas of the course where garden beds used to be but were removed according to our golf course enhancement plan. In addition to this we will be adding drainage in 9 North fairway to improve this poorly draining area.

5 South Fairways being connected with bentgrass sod

Matrix bunker liner installed on 2 South fairway bunker

Matrix bunker liner installed on 1 South fairway bunker

Green expansion on 3 South growing strong!

Sand installation on 3 South

5 South taking shape with new bluegrass sod laid 

"Native" fine fescue sod laid where old 9 South tees used to be

Irrigation Tech John Goss (left) and Josh Decatur (right) doing a great job maintaining our system during renovations