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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Work Update

Many wonder what the grounds maintenance crew does in the winter during the freezing cold temperatures and snow on the ground. The answer is that we suit up in warm gear and tackle projects that would either be a disturbance to golfers during the season or projects that require frozen ground. For the last month and a half our Assistants have been tackling a lot of tree work involving the removal of dead or dying trees, and pruning others we plan on keeping for health, aesthetics, and better playability.  To do this work, heavy equipment is used on the course and it's best to have the ground frozen so no unwanted damage occurs to the turf. In addition, rock walls are being constructed on 4 West and 5 South which will match the walls already constructed on the course. Having the ability to tackle these projects in the off season with our winter staff provides a better experience for members all season long. 

Assistant Superintendent Kevin Kretz hand pruning 

Pin Oak prior to pruning

Pin Oak after pruning

Frozen grounds makes it ideal for the use of heavy equipment on the course during the winter to properly care for the trees

Removing unhealthy trees in the winter reduces the risk for damaged to the course or injury to members and guests during strong summer storms

Insect damaged trees and dead/dying trees are removed for safety and aesthetics

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Update

Winter finally arrived and brought snow along with it! Cold temps have enabled the snow to stick around for a little while but the future forecast for the weekend shows sun and above freezing temperatures. In an effort to reduce risk of injury to turfgrass from ice formation following the thaw, we are clearing snow from all greens this week. At the current time, our greens are not showing any signs of stress and we do not have any ice formation to be concerned with. 

Assistant John Jones with our new snow setup
Removing snow cover from greens

3 North green clear of snow