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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wet Spring Shows the Importance of Good Drainage

The spring and early summer season has been generally wet and having good drainage is crucial both to allow for proper maintenance of the facility and improve playability for members. This past week our in house staff installed over 250 feet of drainage stretching through #9 on the North course and running across the native to connect into #9 on the West course. This process involved excavating a chosen path for a trench, laser grading, installing pipe, installing pea gravel, finish grading and compacting topsoil, sodding, topdressing, and rolling.  All of this was done in two days! Positive long lasting improvements such as this may be forgotten quickly but their positive impacts last many years.

Drainage pipe installed and pea gravel going in

Sod being laid, rolled, topdressed, and cleaned up

Final product