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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Experienced Equipment Manager + Necessary Tools = Money Savings

As we prepare to bring all of the equipment back inside for the winter and do our normal preventative maintenance, old hydraulic hoses are our first concern.  Hydraulic hoses don't last forever on equipment and unfortunately that can be all too evident when they burst and the equipment is being used while on the grass. Hydraulic oil kills turf and it can be a costly repair when new sod needs to be laid plus the labor hours to repair it.  What also should be taken into consideration is the time you then have to wait because a new hose must be custom made by an outside company which means the machine in unusable.  It's Murphy's Law that a hydraulic hose would break when the machine was needed most too.

So why not just replace the hoses? To replace all the hydraulic hoses on one of our rough mowers, the cost would be about $1,800.  Now multiply that by three mowers, add the two sand trap machines, the back end loader...the cost adds up quickly!  This year our Equipment Manager, Hector Valazquez, worked out an outstanding deal with Lawson Products to get WCCC set up with an in-house hydraulic hose making machine and all parts needed to make our own hoses.  Hector has great experience in making these hoses and has even done a video on it so other equipment managers can take advantage of the savings for themselves.  This set up not only saves the club more than $2K this year alone, but we also now have the proper tools to handle making hydraulic hoses in-house which means minimal "down time" of the equipment.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Leaves....Leaves...and More Leaves!

With the recent wet weather followed by hard frosts and wind, many of the leaves have fallen from the trees.  A big thanks is in order to my staff for continuing to work hard on getting the course cleaned up so members and their guests can enjoy fall golf!