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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Redi-Rock pond wall to begin in January 2014

One of the golf course enhancements that was recently passed by the Board of Directors was the installation of a seawall along the pond on 4 North.  The reasons for this installation are both for aesthetics and erosion control.  The boulders that previously outlined this area did a poor job of holding the pond edge in place and also provided a poor visual appearance when the water level went down.

To solve both of these problems we have chosen to remove the boulders and install a 180' Ledgestone "Redi-Rock" retaining wall along the pond edge. The Ledgetone Redi-Rock looks almost identical to the new bridge that was built on the South course last season which helps provide a consistent look across the property. Redi-Rock retaining walls are built out of 1 ton precast concrete blocks that are stacked on top of each other and lock in place.  The walls that are created are not only very visually pleasing, but are extremely strong and useful in many different applications.  Feel free to click on the "Redi-Rock" link above to explore where Redi-Rock has been used, and to get a great idea of how beautiful 4 North will look this spring!

Example: Ledgestone Redi-Rock being installed in Brighton, MI