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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recovery Update

Putting Green 4/13/14
Over the last week we've observed a significant amount of recovery on many of the damaged greens. Some are still further behind than the putting green in these photos, but recovery is going well.  Although the putting green is looking much healthier, we still have a few weeks of recovery on this green before it can withstand traffic from golfers.  Greens will remain covered for the next few weeks to continue to aid in the recovery process. 
Putting Green 4/21/14

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Range Tee Hitting Mats

We officially broke the record for the snowiest winter ever in SE Michigan today with the 3.1" of snow we received overnight.  The new snow hasn't slowed us down though, and today we began excavating the area where we will be installing new TurfHound range mats.  These mats will be used in times of bad weather or outings when the real turf can't, or shouldn't be used to preserve the real turf for member enjoyment. Snow was cleared from the range tee surface today and the staff is currently sod cutting the existing turf off the tee to prepare for soil removal.  Once the soil is removed, a base of stone is laid and graded so a concrete pad can be poured. After the concrete has cured, the mats will be installed. The mat installation is currently scheduled during the middle of May.

To get more information about TurfHound range mats and to see a list of the many great clubs that have them, please visit

Staff sod cutting turf in the future TurfHound mat location after removing the snow.

Excavating 10" of soil. 6" base of 21AA crushed stone will be installed followed by 4" of mesh reinforced concrete. This provides the solid base for the new TurfHound hitting mats

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Winter Damage and Recovery

As everyone now knows, golf courses took a very hard hit from winter this year and there was widespread turf loss to greens, tees, and fairways.  Many clubs in our area are currently manicuring
2 South on 4/2/14 being topdressed
after already being prepped and seeded.
Permeable cover went on immediately
following this sand application.
temporary greens while the primary greens heal.  I'm happy to report that our greens are currently recovering well and it's due to the hard work of our staff and proper advanced planning.  All of our greens that got hurt from winter damage were prepped, verticut, aerified, seeded, topdressed, rolled, fertilized, watered, and last but not least covered over a week ago.  Today we observed that three of the first greens that were seeded have newly germinated bentgrass growing.

2 South on 4/13/14.
Recovering well!
Covering our greens with permeable tarps help to heat the soil layer beneath to the required temperature to germinate bentgrass, which would otherwise not be possible right now.  As the new grass germinates and starts to grow, the tarps will help keep the soil moist and the plant healthy.  The greens tarps will be removed every day to allow staff to mow the green and occasionally apply fertilizer for growth. The greens will then be re-covered every afternoon to continue to hold in heat and moisture until they are 100% healed.  It is a very labor
Putting Green 4/1/14
intensive process but allows greens to heal much quicker and gets them back in play, healthily, much faster.  Greens that are covered while healing could become playable up to 4 weeks faster than those that are not covered.  Most importantly, while greens have been recently seeded and are healing, keeping traffic off them is a must for quick recovery.

On behalf of the grounds staff, we would like to thank the
Putting Green 4/13/14. Bentgrass
germinated today on the damaged area
that can still be seen and will recover
nicely in the next few weeks.
membership for their patients and understanding while we get the course back in shape after such a hard winter.  The recovery process is going well and we will continue to update members as the weeks progress.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Front Entrance Makeover

Recently we began working on the front entrance as the Board of Directors passed a new plan designed by our Landscape Architect, Dana Mulder.  The plan involves removing the old Austrian Pines and Arborvitae on both side of the entrance and replacing them with new 'Black Hills' Spruce and White Pine.  Accompanying these beautiful trees will be a Lake Superior ledgerock wall 18" high on both sides, matching what was used behind the clubhouse last year, as well as a variety of nice perennial shrubs.  The center island will now be home to Double Knockout' Roses, Blue Ageratum, and a small strip of turfgrass. The back portion of the center island hosts 'Green Gem' Boxwood and 'Blue Mist' Spirea. The work to complete this project will take between 4 and 5 weeks.  We hope you enjoy the new entrance!

New Front Entrance Design

Club entrance prior to removal of Austrian Pines and Arborvitae


Removal of Arborvitae