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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Aerial Lift Used For In-House Tree Pruning

Over the last few weeks the grounds staff has been very busy with in-house tree pruning.  With the use of an aerial lift capable of raising over 50 feet, trees are being pruned for tree and turf health, aesthetics, safety, and course playability.  Our main efforts have been focused on removing low hanging limbs that could impact golfers or our turf mowing equipment as well as removing any dead material that could come down in summer storms.  While there, we are also "shaping" trees by removing limbs that distract from the beauty of the overall tree. Removing low limbs from mature trees and thinning canopies also allows from increased air movement and sunlight.  Both of these things benefit turf health surrounding the trees. 

Our staff has averaged trimming 20+ trees each day and we plan to continue this work for the next two weeks depending on weather. Below are some photos of the tree work being completed. Hired out, a month of tree trimming such as this could cost over $35,000!

Assistant Chris Notestine - not scared of heights!

Assistant Michael Brown trimming a specimen tree on 5 South!

Left side of 2 West getting cleaned up

Before and After: 5 South fescue just passed the pond
An aerial lift making tree pruning safe and efficient